Wine Fountain Machine Introduction

wine fountainWine fountain machine is not only to spread wine but other beverage for people convenient and easy drinking. As a symbol of fashion and ingenuity, it is quite popular in all kinds of celebration moments, parties or meetings like the opening ceremony, wedding, birthday party, buffet dinner, western restaurant, pub, and hotel, etc.

Wine Fountain Machine Features

☆Made of stainless steel, ensures hygiene beverage, easy to clean.
☆Reasonable structure, good performance, and low noise.
☆Customized fountain layers, wide enough to prevent beverage splashing.
☆Compact appearance, durable.
☆Competitive price, affordable.

How to Create Fountain by Our Wine Fountain Machine

Wine fountain machine is 2-4 feet tall. The liquid wide enters the main Stem Cup and conveyed by rotating spirals to the top of fountain machine. There are several holes designed on each layer for wine moving. We can watch liquid cascade evenly and neatly to guest cups. The stainless steel material keeps wine fresh and pouring wine is also a spectacular vision.

Wine – Fountain of Youth

Wine is good to skin care because the abstract from wine can prevent skin growing old. Wine contains over 10 anti-aging ingredients, especially the haematochrome-generation matter which has great effects on guarding against active oxygen breakdown. A glass of wine a day- a better way to keep young!

Wine Fountain Machine-You Need It!

I believe when you throw a party, wine or other beverage is quite a necessary drink to guests. In order to create a warming or romantic scene, you must pay much attention to the design of your ball or party. While there is a lovely way to efficiently distribute beverages and impress your guests–wine fountain. So just for the home party, it is not a bad idea to have a wine fountain. Let alone the public place of entertainment where crowds of people gather around and enjoy from wine fountain machine

Wine Fountain Machine Technical Data

Height 71cm
Width 47cm
Power 90w
N.W/G.W 10kg
Capacity 10kg
Packing size 61*55*43cm