Tornado Potato Machine Introduction

Potato chips is always a delicacy among people of almost all ages. Our tornado potato machine offers people a new style to enjoy hot and delicious potato chips. Designed in two types: manual working and electric working, twisted potato machine can be used in wide districts without power limitation. You can change a plain potato in a few seconds into a beautiful tasteful tornado fries on stick and season it by your own tastes such as spicy, milk, curry, cumin, tomato, etc. Besides potatoes, it can be applied to sweet potato, carrots, taros, and other root vegetables. Imagine a golden fried potato chip on a bamboo skewer, you are mouthwatering?Tornado Potato Cutter Machine

Manual Tornado Potato Machine Features

☆Stainless steel and aluminum material, hygienic working.
☆Easy operation, manual turning the handle; The electric one is Energy saving.
☆High-quality blades for potato, sweet potato, taro, carrot, etc.
☆Removable blades for cleaning.
☆Fresh potato chips and various tastes for your options.

tornado potato machine for making uniform thickness potato chips tower

Where to Run Tornado Potato Business

Tornado potato chips is a popular snack. It has a very high profit margin and you can expect ROI (return on investment) in a few months. But first of all, choose the right place to run the twisted potato chips is the first important thing. Maybe you can open a business in walking streets, university town, supermarket entrance or exit, station, scenic spots, fast food shop, bazaar and many other places with crowds of people passing by. For more people, more profit.

running tornado potato business


Considering the sanitation of Roadside snacks, you should pay enough attention to the whole tornado potato chips making the process from selecting potatoes, soaking to frying; at the same time, have a good sense of oil temperature, then can you make attractive tornado potato chips both in taste and in appearance.

Manual Tornado Potato Machine Technical Data

Name Hand potato twister Electric potato twister
  Voltage / 220V/110V, Power:15W
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Weight 1.5Kg 6.5Kg
Dimension 280*130*150mm 430*160*160mm