Mobile Food Trailer Introduction

The mobile food trailer is another type of food cart. The concession trailer can be easily towed or pushed by a motor vehicle. This food trailer is designed with a hitch frame, so it can be easily towed. The equipment inside the food trailer can be chosen. All kinds of cooking equipment can be installed, such as a griddle, steamer, fryers, stainless steel store cabinet, water sinks, grill, hot dog machine, sugar cane juicer, fridge, etc. You can choose the equipment and sell the foods you concession trailer

Mobile Food Trailer Features

* The contacted food parts are made of Stainless Steel, healthy, clean and no-rust.
* There are many kinds of cooking equipment can be installed, Standard Devices and Option Devices to meet to your needs.
* Simple structure, small footprint, can be used at any places.
* Two or three people can stand inside for cooking.
* Humanized construction and design, fashion appearances, bright colors.
* Can be customized according to your requirements.

mobile food trailer features

Mobile Food Trailer Standard Equipment

Display cabinet Power distribution box
Cash drawer Water Sinks
Florescent light stainless steel water tanks
Powerpoint Stainless steel shelves
Stainless steel store cabinet 12-volt pump system to sinks

Concession Trailer Technical Parameters

Model ALMFC7
Dimension 2.25*1.6*2.15m
Weight 400kg
Color Optional
Transfer Method Trailer

Mobile Food Trailer Optional Equipment

You can choose three kinds of the following equipment.
* Square iron hot plate
* Two steamers
* Two fryers
* Round gas hot plate
* Three-layer crystal heating oven
* Popcorn maker
* Electric water boiler
* Icemaker
* Beer ark
* Electric fryer
* Spiral potato maker
* Microwave oven
* Hot dog machine
* Coffeemaker

Why Invest Concession Trailer

Invest on Concession TrailerThere are more and more street-food lovers around the world. The food trucks and food carts are suitable for food vendors to serve various street foods. They can be in malls as well as at train and bus stations, airports, stadiums, conference centers, resorts, and other locations. Also, employees today are often pressed for time, with more work and shorter lunch hours. These factors make the mobile-food concept more appealing than ever. With the mobile food carts, vendors can also serve simple breakfast and lunch. Concession trailer is a good choice for you. We can supply you other kinds of mobile carts or trucks.