Jacketed Cooking Pot introduction

Jacketed cooking pot is widely used in food industry, pharmacy industry and chemical industry, such as processing candy, dairy, cake, sweetmeat, beverage, jam, juice, medicine, liquor, etc. It also can be used in a restaurant for cooking and boiling. The cooking pot usually consists of a kettle body and feet, the kettle body is double-layer structure, steam is filled into the interlayer to heat. Made of stainless steel both inside and outside, it can offer people hygienic food products. You can add mixer, scraper, and cover for different needs.

cooking pot for food

Features of Jacketed Cooking Pot

♣ Different capacities for your reference: 50L-1000L
♣ High-quality stainless steel material, with the machine base, adopted carton steel if you need.
♣ The mixing device, tilting device is optional.
♣ The optional heating engine such as electric, gas or steam.
♣ The machine is equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve, and electrical control box; Easy to operate.
♣ Environmentally friendly: no smoke, no dust, no pollution, and energy-saving.

Stainless Steel Jacket Kettle features

Benefits of Jacketed Cooking Pot

Using steam-jacketed kettles has many functional advantages:
❤ Uniform heating,
❤ Rapid heat transfer and easily controlled heat temperature through the use of valves.
❤ Steam can be supplied to the kettle by a boiler, or it can be produced inside the steam jacketed kettle for immediate use.
❤ These self-contained steam-jacketed kettles produce steam from an electric current or by using gas as a source of energy.

tilting kettle cooking jacketed pot for uniform heating of food

Gas Jacketed Cooking Pot Technical Data

Model Volume Inner diameter Depth Gas consumption
ALC6-50L 50 L 600 mm 360 mm 1.2 Kg/h
ALC6-100L 100 L 700 mm 380 mm 1.8 Kg/h
ALC6-200L 200 L 800 mm 400 mm 2.5 Kg/h
ALC6-300L 300 L 900 mm 420 mm 3.0 Kg/h