Electric Mobile Food Cart Introduction

This electric mobile food cart is a fully electric rickshaw-style van for food catering. It has a fashionable outlook and reasonable inner-structure. You can equip the food truck with different equipment to provide attractive food and beverage for customers.
It can be used for roasting, frying, boiling and making fast food in the night market, supermarket, school, factory, residential areas are an ideal place.three-wheel electric food truck

Materials of Electric Mobile Food Cart

1. Both sides are fiberglass with the characters: high strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, insulating, and fire-resistance.
2. The inside and outside of the food cart use car paint.
3. The backboard of the food cart uses a double-layer color steel plate with a thermally insulating layer.
4. The front veil is the anti-impact board.
5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings and 4 jacks.

optional inner structure of electric food cart

Electric Mobile Food Cart Features

◇ Relative large space for operating.
◇ Optional inner function.
◇ Takes less floor space and cost less energy.
◇ You can choose electric or gasoline as the power source of the food truck.
◇ Multifunctional, you can choose serving tacos, sandwiches, chicken, donuts or soup, etc.
◇ Skin color is optional: yellow, green, red, orange, and pink, etc. You can choose a suitable color according to your interest.

Usage of Mobile Food Cart

1. As a fast-food cart which you can make and sell fast food.
2. As a shop which you can sell your fruit, vegetable, ice cream, daily utensil anywhere.
3. As a bookstore which you can sell the newspaper, books, magazine, etc.
4. As empty cart which does it by yourself.

Electric Food Truck Equipment

The tuk-tuk electric food truck can be equipped with different equipment according to the customers’ demands. Our standard equipment is as follows: display cabinet, cash drawer, fluorescent light, PowerPoint, stainless steel store cabinet, water sinks, 12-volt pump system for sinks, fresh and waste stainless steel water tanks under rear cupboards, stainless steel shelves, and power distribution box; Also, you can choose three kinds of equipment from a square iron hot plate, steamer, fryer, round gas hot plate, and three-layer crystal heating oven. Otherwise, we supply these helpful food machines: coffee maker, popcorn maker, electric water boiler, ice maker, beer ark, electric fryer, spiral potato maker and microwave oven, etc.helpful food equipment for electric food cart

How to Perfect the Recipes of the Food Cart?

Starting out with foods you have not thoroughly tested is not a good choice. Then, how to perfect the recipes? You can work on the recipes repeatedly and try some variations on a theme. Get your friends to taste your foods and give you honest critiques. Don’t be afraid of some criticism — better to receive it from friends and family than from customers. Perfect recipes are easy to make repeatedly in large quantities, taste consistently good and easy to serve.

snack and food

Electric Food Truck Technical Parameters

Dimension 2.25*1.6*2.2m 3.0*0.8*2.2m
Weight 1000kg 300kg
Transfer Method Electric/Gasoline Electric/Gasoline