Automatic Wafer Stick Machine Instruction

The automatic wafer stick machine is a fully-automatic wafer stick production line. It can finish batter mixing, batter conveying, batter baking, wafer stick forming and conveying automatically. The machine can make various wafer sticks with a hollow core or filled core. The machine is easy to operate and with high efficiency.wafer stick production line

Automatic Wafer Stick Machine Application

The automatic wafer stick machine is designed to make various wafer sticks or egg rolls with a hollow core or filled core. The machine is applicable in the bakery, wafer stick manufacturing factory and leisure food factory etc.

wafer sticks

Automatic Wafer Stick Machine Features and Advantages

◆The complete equipment is made of high-class stainless steel.
◆Mature PLC control system and superior control elements, which can ensure stable running.
◆Automatic temperature control and heat preservation, the energy source can be utilized effectively.
◆Nature gas or liquefied gas is the standard heating source. Also, you can choose far infrared electric heating, coal heating or heat-conductive oil heating.
◆The machine can roll, cut and filling wafer sticks automatically.
◆The thickness, length, core filling, and baking color can be adjusted.working steps of automatic egg roll making machine

Automatic Wafer Stick Machine Working Principle

The automatic wafer stick machinery consists of one battery mixing machine, two battery conveying machines, two wafer stick core filling machine, one baking machine, and conveyer belt etc. Put the formula raw materials into the battery mixing machine, mix them evenly. Convey the battery to the wheel hub of the baking machine by the battery conveying machine. After baking, use the scraper to scrape out the soft wafers. Then roll the wafers into wafer sticks and cut them with needed length. At last the wafer sticks are conveying to the conveyer belt for cooling and collecting.

Wide Application of Automatic Wafer Stick Machine

You can choose these machines to produce different types of wafer products: pillow wafer stick machine, flatting machine, and chocolate coating machine etc.

Automatic Wafer Stick Machine Technical Parameters

Model AL-HWB
Gas Consumption 4Kg/hr
Power 10Kw
Capacity Hollow core: 25-30Kg/hr
Filled core: 50-60Kg/hr
Weight 5000Kg
Dimension 3400*1700*2500mm