Introduction of Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line

This Automatic Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line is designed for making chewing gum pellets.  From raw materials mixing to end products coating, the whole process can continuously be completed produce all kinds of shapes and specifications of the products, such as round, square and rectangle or slice chewing gum. The whole line has reliable product performance, easy and simple operation and top automatic function. It is the best choice for a present to produce Xylitol Chewing Gum.

xylitol chewing gum pellets forming machine unit

Why Choose Our Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line

1. This production line adopts the integration process of crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, a spiced section of the form, clear function and organic combination, plan as a whole operation, can reach the assembly line process.
chewing gum pellets product
2. Mainframe with SS304 cover, material contacting parts uses food grade material. Stainless steel tube of air fan and heater inlet, in order to avoid the products, may be contaminated the impurity of wind.
3. The agitator is equipped with lid and shutdown protection: there is a timing protection (adopt time relay), manual operation stop protection, have open cover protection.
4. Six layers rollers adopt water cycle cooling, auto sprinkle powder device.
5. Structure of lathe beds is a complete set of stainless steel seamless steel tube, more robust, long service life. Set up 7 clean-mouth, easy cleaning.
6. The system also equipped with a vacuum cleaner.

Product Process of Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line

This Automatic Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line is including Agitator, Extruder, Scrolling Six Roller, Forming Machine, Cooling Conveyor, Auto Pellets Separator & Vibro Sieve, and Coating Machine.
1. The first process of making gum is Melting: Material mix & Gum base soften. It begins by melting and purifying the gum base.
2. Mixing process. The melted base is poured into the agitator. Sweeteners and flavors are added at just the right moment and in just the right amounts and then slowly mixed.
3. Then is the Rolling process. After mixing, a large “loaf” of gum extruded from Extruder. When production increase, can add one more extruder to use together. Then sent into a series of rollers that form it into a thin, wide ribbon. Each pair of rollers is set closer together than the previous pair, gradually reducing the thickness of the gum. A light coating of finely powdered sugar or sugar substitute is added during this process to keep the gum from sticking and to enhance flavor.
4. Scoring process. At the end of the rolling process, the continuous ribbon of gum is then cut into what type of gum is being made.
5. Conditioning process. The scored gum is then moved to a temperature-controlled environment to cool and ensure the finished gum will have the right consistency and stay fresh on store shelves.
packaging gum
6. Coating process. After tempering, the gum pellets are fed to a spray dryer that forms the crunchy coating around the gum center. The color is sprayed onto the gum.
7. Packaging process. Pellet-style gum is principally packaged by two methods. One is to place the pellets into the formed plastic compartments of a blister pack. The package is heat sealed with a foil backing and inserted into a cardboard sleeve. The second method is to line up ten pellets in a row, wrap in traditional packaging and seal both ends to ensure freshness.


The seller guarantees the quality of the products for 12 months since the date of installation. During the warranty period, any problems/defaults happen on the hard parts of the machinery; the seller will replace the parts or send the technicians to go to the buyer’s site for repairing and maintenance at FREE. If the defaults are aroused by the defaulted operations of the buyer, or the buyer needs the technical assistance for the processing problems, the buyer should be responsible for all the cost and their allowance.

Main Technical Parameters of Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line

Name ALC6-620
Production Speech 300kg/h
Adjustable Range for Candy Shape 250-380mm
Dimension 22000*1800*1750mm
Gross Power 75kw
Power Supply 380v
Total Weight 11000kg

Technical Parameters for Each Xylitol Chewing Gum Pellets Production Line Machine

Name Power Dimension(mm) Weight
Agitator 20kw 2300*890*1400  1500kg
Extruder 20kw 2500*1180*1550 2200kg
Scrolling Six Roller 7kw 6500*730*1650 2200kg
Forming Machine 2.2kw 1800*730*1650 800kg
Cooling Machine 18kw 9500*1850*1800 2500kg
Pellets Separator 3.0kw 9500*1850*1800 600kg
Coating Machine 2.2kw 1600*730*1450 350kg