Automatic Donut Making Machine

The automatic donut making machine is designed to make donuts automatically. It can finish molding, blanking, frying and outputting at the same time.automatic donut making machine

Automatic Donut Making Machine Features

◆The machine is made of stainless steel, which conforms to the hygiene standards.
◆Equip with a highly efficient heating device, which can improve the production capacity.
◆The machine adopts screw-type height adjusting device, the discharge hole can go up and down according to the oil level.
◆The donut thickness can be adjusted by changing the discharging material.
◆The machine can produce different size donuts by changing the discharging mold.
◆The machine can mold, blank, fry and output donuts automatically, easy to operate.

donut fryer details feature

Automatic Donut Making Machine Application

The automatic donut making machine is used to make delicious donuts with high efficiency. It can mold, blank, fry and output donuts automatically, which is easy to operate. The machines are suitable for restaurants, nosheries, bakeries, snack bars, and other food processing plants.

frying donuts by automatic donut making machine

Why Choose Automatic Donut Making Machine?

Everybody loves donuts, simple, versatile, irresistible and classic. For centuries this unassuming snack has delighted young and old alike. It is a good idea to make donuts to cater to the demand. The automatic donut making machine can make donuts automatically. You can start your business easily. Why not take action immediately?

Automatic Donut Making Machine Technical Parameters

Model Capacity (Pcs/h) Power Weight Dimension (mm)
ALTQ-3.2A 600~1000 3.2Kw  37Kg  1070*520*650
ALTQ-3.2B 400~600  3.2Kw  32Kg 1200*550*330
ALTQ-3.2C  400 3.2Kw 27Kg  1200*500*330
ALTQ-5 800-1000  5Kw 60Kg  1250*630*650
ALTQ-6  800-1200  6Kw  46Kg  1100*550*650

Stainless Steel Donut Maker Working Video