Introduction of Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Production Line

This automatic chewing gum forming production line is professional for producing tablet/piece type/flake chewing gum. This forming production line is forming, cutting, packaging for the integration of automatic production line, it is suitable for Chewing Gum in high capacity with high production efficiency. According to the customer’s request, it can be customized to produce different shapes and specifications chewing gum.

Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Production Line

Main Performance of Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Production Line

1. Adopt unequal space screw pressing technology(no equidistant twin-screw extrusion technology), make the gum base free group even and chewing gum good taste.
2. Adopt frequency conversion control technology, make the machine work stable.
3. Adopt differential speed working principle, make chewing gum slice reliable and accurate.

Features of Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Production Line
tabletschewing gum tablets

1. Adopts the integration process of forming, cutting, packaging process, clear function, and organic combination, plan as a whole operation, can reach the assembly line process.
2. Mainframe with SS304 cover, material contacting parts uses food grade material.
3. The agitator is equipped with a lid. Shutdown protection: there is a timing protection (adopt time relay), manual operation stop protection, have open cover protection.
4. Gum base oven is processing customized, adopts SS material, equipped with 1 set of spare.
5. Equipped with an Industrial dehumidifier-5HP high-temperature constant temperature refrigeration dehumidifier, can make the refrigeration efficiency improving 5%, anti-corrosion and prevent mold, odor-free functions, won’t cause the accumulation of water plugging effect heat transfer.
6. Pastry rolling machine is equipped with a powder feed cooling device, convey cooling device, 6 layers rollers adopt water cycle cooling, auto sprinkle powder device.
7. Automatic packaging machine adopts high-quality electrical components, PLC control, packing speed adopts frequency conversion stepless speed adjustment.

Product Process of Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Production Line

Sugar crusher
Gum base oven
Agitator→ Extruder→ Sprinkle powder and press→ Suck powder, cooling, convey→ Forming→ Packaging

Processing steps of Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Production Line

Main Technical Parameters of Tablet Chewing Gum Forming Machines

Name Power  Dimension  Weight Capacity
Sugar Crusher 17kw 3000*1500*2200mm 400kg 500Kg/h
Gum Base Oven 9kw 2400*720*1600mm 750kg 12 trays
Industrial Dehumidifier 4kw 44*95*186cm * 12kg/h
Agitator 20kw 2300*890*1400mm 1500kg 500kg/h
Extruder 11.7kw 1650*480*1250mm 800kg *
Tablet Machine 7kw 6500*750*1900mm 1800kg *
Powder Sprinkler 1.1kw  4200*380*930mm 400kg *
Cooling Conveyor 0.75kw 1000*2000*800mm 150kg *
Scroll Cutter 1.5kw 760*780*1150mm 350kg *
Automatic Feeding/Dust Cleaning/Crusher 17kw 3000*1500*2200mm 400kg *
Automatic Packaging Machine 6kw/380V  5000*2000*2000mm 2600Kg 550-700 pieces/min/110-140 bags/min