Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Introduction

This automatic potato chips production line is mainly composed of potato washing & peeling machine, potato cutting machine, potato blanching machine, potato dewatering machine, potato chips frying machine, potato chips de-oiling machine, potato chips flavoring machine and potato chips packing machine. Apart from making potato chips and French fries, by using this automatic chips making plant, you could also make frozen French fries (equipped with a freezer).automatic potato chips production line

Characters of Fully Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine

1) The potato chips production line is made up of stainless steel, durable and healthy.
2) Semi-automatic and fully automatic potato chips processing line are offered for your choice according to your capacity.
3) Apart from using potato as material, you could also use other food as well, such as sweet potato, banana, taros, apple, carrot and other kinds of taros.
4) The multipurpose cutting machine, able to cut potatoes to slice or bar shape, and you could adjust the thickness and size of them.
5) The advanced frying machine, highly increasing the using life of oil, saving energy.
6) Easy operation, high output, and good production effect.automatic potato chips making machine price

Machines Equipped in Our Automatic Chips Making Plant

1. Elevator: used for transmitting large quantity of potatoes into the potato washing and peeling machine.
2. Potato washing and peeling machine: used to wash and peel potatoes automatically.
3. Potatoes picking line: picks the well-formed potatoes and sends them to cutting machine. The blades are stainless steel and specially designed to cut them averagely.
4. Blanching line: a necessary part in processing potato chips and other vegetables and fruits because the blanching process can protect their natural flavor from being broken.
5. Potato electric heating frying line: an important step. The edible oil temperature should be around 180℃; when the potato chips become golden and soft, they should be fished out. Just grasp the right time, neither too early nor too late.
6. De-oiling line: make the fried food crispier and more palatable.
7. Flavoring line: customers can season diversified flavors totally according to their own intentions.
8. Packing line and automatic picking line: pack potato chips into bags automatically, very convenient, save your labor and ensure the quality.

potato chips by automatic chips making plantA Glance of Potato Chips Flavors Around the World

1. In Britain, potato chips are called “crisps” (and they say “chips” when they mean fries!).
2. In Germany the most popular flavor is Paprika.
3. Indian chips are often exotic spices used in curries, like Masala, Coriander and Red Chili.
4. In Indonesia they make chips from Cassava.
5. In Greece, oregano is the most popular flavor.
6. Japanese chip-eaters enjoy Seaweed, Wasabi and Soy Sauce & Butter Chips!

Output of Automatic Potato Chips Manufacturing Plant We Can Offer

▷100-150 kg/h, 200-260 kg/h, 350-400 kg/h
▷We could customize the potato chips production line according to your own requirements.

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Technical Data

0.55 kW/380V/50Hz
2535*900*2150 mm
Washing and Peeling Machine
2.75 kW/380V/50Hz
3050*800*1600 mm
Potato Picking Line
0.55 kW/380V/50Hz
3700*1040*940 mm
0.55 kW/380V/50Hz
1700*700*1740 mm
Potato Cutting Machine
1.5 kW/380V/50Hz
670*510*1400 mm
Bubble Cleaning Line
1.87 kW/380V/50Hz
3490*1450*1400 mm
Blanching Line
40.5 kW/380V/50Hz
5100*1070*1240 mm
Rinsing Line
1.87 kW/380V/50Hz
3490*1450*1400 mm
Air-cooled De-watering Machine
6 kW/380V/50Hz
4100*850*1840 mm
Electrical Frying Line
125 kW/380V/50Hz
5600*1700*2250 mm
De-oiling Line
6 kW/380V/50Hz
4100*850*1880 mm
Flavoring Line
1.12 kW/380V/50Hz
3240*850*2200 mm
Picking Line
0.55 kW/380V/50Hz
3560*700*1255 mm
Packing Machine
6 kW/380V/50Hz

Automatic Potato Chips Processing Line Working Video