Food Instant Freezer Machine Introduction

We have microwaves to heat up things pretty fast, why not a similar appliance that freezes things just as fast? As a kind of cabinet freezer, food instant freezer machine is generally used to store many kinds of food, especially for commercial use, it can freeze food in a short period of time so that keeps food nutrition and flavor to the maximum extent.Instant Ultra Low Deep Freezer

Food Instant Freezer Advantages

Instant freezer machine features high freezing speed and wide freezing range, which means it can quickly freeze food from 25℃ to -25℃, and it’s a piece of cake for it to reduce the temperature from room temperature to -6℃ to -10℃ in about 20 minutes.
1. Stainless steel shelves for place freezing food, hygienic freezing chamber, easy to operate and clean.
2. Low cost, low price, low noise, low energy consumption, can save 10% ~ 50% power than similar products.
3. Large freezing capacity from 60-100kg per batch, high efficiency.
4. Simple structure, rational design, super small volume, convenient in installation, and the overall equipment without affiliated facilities, don’t build a special room, do not need specialized refrigeration personnel to watch, reduces the personnel expenses.
5. Environmental protection, conform to the requirements of environmental protection.
6. Daily maintenance convenience, defrost flexible.
7. Widely applied to all food products. Fit for freezing uncooked and cooked food, fresh vegetables, fruits, snacks, etc.

food freezer detailed part feature

Instant Freezer Machine Application

The instant freezer has become more and more widespread use because of people’s high requirements for food. For those fresh fish and meat products, instant freezer needs about an hour to freeze them to -25℃. Nowadays, it is more popular to quick-freeze in cakes, ice creams, dumplings, glue puddings, stuff buns, etc. The spotlight feature of high speed prevents food nutrition loss and keeps foods authentic flavors.

fast freezing machine application

Instant Freezer Machine Technical Data

Model SD-60 SD-80 SD-100
Capacity 60kg/batch 80kg/batch 100kg/batch
Feeding temperature +15℃ +15℃ +15℃
Outlet temperature -18℃ -18℃ -18℃
Rated Refrigerating capacity 8kw 9.144kw 12.85kw
Rated Input Power 10kw 11.8kw 14.0kw
Overall Dimension 2*2*2m 2*2*2m 2*2*2.3m