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Food Machine On Sale

One-Stop Automatic Food Processing Equipment Supplier

Here you will find superior quality food processing equipment, money-saving investment ideas, nutritional recipes and the most important–the intimate one-stop service.

Our business scope ranges from the single machine to batch purchase. Itch for food machine investment? We can exclusively offer you perfect recommendations.

Snack Making Machines

A perfect choice for snack product plants or street corner stand owners. Easy operation, high efficiency!


Pasta & Grain Processing Machines

Competitive price and durability.

Soya Milk Machine

Soya milk machine can be used to make tasty soymilk and used together with tofu press machine to make soya paneer. The machine first grinds the soybean and then boil the soybean milk.

Sesame Peeling Machine

Sesame peeling machine can peel large capacity of sesames for various sesame food and snacks. High peeling rate and integrity.

Food Packaging Equipment

Find great deals here for Food Packaging Machine. Buy with confidence.

As a trustable food packing machine manufacturer, we can supply you good quality food packing machines like liquid packing machine, powder food packing machine. etc


Recipes & Gallery

This is a magic place where your taste buds get wet!

How to Grow Bean Sprouts in Sprout Machine?

Bean sprout as a kind of vegetable is the edible young stems directly grown out from beans. In cultivation, growing bean sprouts in the bean sprouting machine use less investment and low cost, with a short cycle, fast and high economic returns.

The Best Homemade French Fries

HomemadeFried French fries are easy to make. Potato chips are welcome either at home or in the supermarket for its convenience to make and pleasant flavor.

Breakfast Pizza

DIY homemade Pizza for breakfast is simple and time-saving, only needs 20 minutes. Cook fresh and nutrient pizza? We offer you a palatable recipe.

DIY Homemade Donut

Donut is a popular snack and homemade donut recipe will help you create delicious donut at home. Automatic donut machine is necessary.

Shrimps with Cashews Nuts

Shrimps and nuts are both rich in nutrition and yummy. What will happen if combine them together? Try this shrimps with cashew nuts recipe, you will find out.

Caramel Pudding Dessert Recipe

Caramel pudding dessert is quick and easy to make, and also the caramel, which lends its salty and sweet flavor to cakes, pies, and more other recipe, believe it is suitable for your family!