Introduction of Bubble Gum Forming Production Line

ALC6-300II odd-shape bubble gum forming production line is suitable for forming various shapes of toffee, mild candy, hard candy and bubble gum with high capacity. This whole production line is an integrated automatic production line that can make sweets like a ball shape, strawberry shape, oval shape, cylinder shape with hollow, sandwich or jam inside. It can be customized according to the customer’s request.

odd-shape bubble gum forming production line

candy pictureMain Performance of Bubble Gum Forming Production Line

1. Adopt unequal space screw pressing technology(no equidistant twin-screw extrusion technology), make the gum base free group even and chewing gum good taste.
2. Adopt frequency conversion control technology, make the machine work stable.
3. Adopt differential speed working principle, make bubble gum balls tasty and beautiful..
4. One production line can be equipped with 6 sets of forming machines and 6 sets of sugar coating machines.

Features of Bubble Gum Forming Production Line

1. Adopts the integration process of forming, cutting, packaging process, clear function, and organic combination, plan as a whole operation, can reach the assembly line process.
2. Mainframe with SS304 cover, material contacting parts uses food grade material.
candy box
3. The agitator is equipped with a lid. Shutdown protection: there is a timing protection (adopt time relay), manual operation stop protection, have open cover protection.
4. Equipped with Industrial dehumidifier-5HP high-temperature constant temperature refrigeration dehumidifier, anti-corrosion and can accurately control the baking temperature, uninterrupted baking.
5. The passageway of cooling convey cabinet under cold wind effect to achieve cooling and dehumidification purpose, also can preserve moisture and heat preservation the candy stick.
6. Can be equipped with Sandwich Pump to fill sandwich or jam inside the candy.
7. Can be equipped with an automatic packaging machine, adopts high-quality electrical components, PLC control, packing speed adopts frequency conversion stepless speed adjustment

Product Process of Bubble Gum Forming Production Line

Sugar crusher
Gum base oven
>Agitator→ Extruder→ Cooling and pressing→ Forming→ Coating

Processing steps of Bubble Gum Forming Production Line

Main Technical Parameters of Bubble Gum Forming Production Line

Production Speech 300-600kg/h
Pellet Forming Diameter 10-25mm
Dimension 15000*4000*1500mm
Gross Power 84kw
Power Supply 380v
Gross Weight 8850kg

Technical Parameters for Each Bubble Gum Forming Production Line Machine

Name Power Dimension Weight
Agitator 20kw 2300*890*1400mm 1500kg
Extruder 20kw 2500*1180*1550mm 2200kg
Cooling Conveyor 18kw 9500*1850*1800mm 2500kg
Forming Machine 2.2kw 1500*700*1500mm 400kg
Coating Machine 2.2kw 1600*730*1450mm 350kg
Sandwich Pump 2.5kw 1600*500*1050mm 300kg

Kindly Reminder

Please let us know the follow packing details when you offer so that we can check if this model is suitable for your case. Thank you in advance.
1. Product details, what kinds of packing do you want? (a photo will be helpful to us)
2. How about your power? Voltage/Frequency
3. What capacity do you want?