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How to Grow Bean Sprouts in Sprout Machine?

Bean sprout as a kind of vegetable is the edible young stems directly grown out from beans. In cultivation, growing bean sprouts in the bean sprouting machine use less investment and low cost, with a short cycle, fast and high economic returns.

The Best Homemade French Fries

HomemadeFried French fries are easy to make. Potato chips are welcome either at home or in the supermarket for its convenience to make and pleasant flavor.

Breakfast Pizza

DIY homemade Pizza for breakfast is simple and time-saving, only needs 20 minutes. Cook fresh and nutrient pizza? We offer you a palatable recipe.

DIY Homemade Donut

Donut is a popular snack and homemade donut recipe will help you create delicious donut at home. Automatic donut machine is necessary.

Caramel Pudding Dessert Recipe

Caramel pudding dessert is quick and easy to make, and also the caramel, which lends its salty and sweet flavor to cakes, pies, and more other recipe, believe it is suitable for your family!

Bacon Smashed Potatoes

Do you want a different taste for smashed potato? Try this bacon smashed potatoes recipe and it will attract your appetite.

Shrimps with Cashews Nuts

Shrimps and nuts are both rich in nutrition and yummy. What will happen if combine them together? Try this shrimps with cashew nuts recipe, you will find out.

How to Make Tea Leaf Eggs

Here you can find the directions of cooking tea leaf eggs. They are really easy to make at home, taste quite bland when you bite into it, quite savory and yummy.

Fruit Related Products

Fruit can be produced into various delicious food. We have advanced machines to finish fruit peeling,coring,slicing and extraction etc.Just click these attractive fruit products and you will have a surprise!

Homemade Delicate Apple Pie

Homemade apple pie has been a traditional dessert in EU and America for many years.This easy recipe will serve you yummy apple pie just at home.

Mashed Potato with Garlic

Mashed potato is very popular with people and Garlic mashed potatoes will lead you to different flavors of this side dish.Ohter potato food and snacks are offered here!