Bubble/Milk Tea Fructose Dispenser Machine Introduction

Fructose dispenser machine also called syrup dispenser, or fructose filling machine is an ideal equipment used to add quantitative fructose into milk tea to control the sweetness of milk tea in the appropriate range. It can make different sweet taste to satisfy the customer’s request. This kind of fructose dispensing machine adopts microcomputer control. It is easy to operate, durable to use.

fructose dispensing machine

Bubble Tea Fructose Dispenser Machine Features

▷Humanized interface design, easy to operate.
▷Whole machine is made of stainless steel, antistatic.
▷Fast giving fructose speed, 0.5~3 second.
▷No dropping, no leaking, bar table clean.
▷Adopting microcomputer control, the precise amount of given sugar without leaking.
▷Capable of manually setting up giving amount.
▷ Innovative removable sugar port.
▷Using the constant temperature heater and computerized flow set, accurate flow.
▷Professional spin cam, pump design for viscous liquid with precise given amount in any time and location.

milk teaBubble Tea Fructose Dispenser Machine Application

Fructose is originally used for replacing sugar. But nowadays, it plays a major role in processing various food because it can improve food flavor and offer people an authentic taste.
1. It can completely replace sugar in fruit wine, medicinal liquor and syrup, light sparkling wine, fruit juice, jam, preserved fruit, candy, and hard baking products, etc;
2. While in ice cream, soft candy, and soft baking products, fructose can replace 10%-50% sugar.
Thus in the food industry, fructose has wide application in processing sweet food, products or beverage such as frozen products, sports beverage, soft drink, canned and powder drink, low-calorie beverage, sugar curing foods, bread, cakes, dairy, nutrition wine and so on.

Milk Tea Investment Advice

Milk tea is tea added with milk. In some parts of the world (such as parts of India), milk tea is the default type of tea, so “tea” usually refers to milk tea. Milk tea is commonly consumed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, India, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. So the fructose dispenser machine has a bright market.

Milk Tea Fructose Dispenser MachineTechnical Parameters

Model ALGT-9
Nominal Voltage 220V
Nominal Power 0.5kw
Filling Amount 5-200cc±3cc
Package Size 350*440*490mm
Gross Weight 10.0kg
Net Weight 9.0kg
Dimension 315*405*455mm