Chocolate Fountain Machine Instruction

Chocolate fountain machine is to melt solid chocolate and cocoa butter into liquid for your dipping with fruits, cakes or biscuits. It is also the basic material chocolate fondue. The chocolate fountain can not only bring guests chocolate delicacies but also add joyous atmosphere, thus is popular with young people. Whether you are hosting a family gathering, a wedding party, a banquet or birthday party. Let the chocolate fountain be the centerpiece always a nice idea!
chocolate fountain waterfall machine

Chocolate Fountain Application

Either large occasions or family get-together, the chocolate fountain can be a perfect choice. It has wide application in weddings, hospitality suites, conventions, bridal & baby showers, fundraisers, receptions, grand openings, birthdays and holidays, etc.

fruits chocolate fondue

cookie and chocolate

fruits chocolate

Chocolate Fountain Machine Features

☆Automatic control temperature, stable heating, no destroy to the chocolate ingredient
☆Stainless steel 304, delicate and durable
☆Automatic, easy to operate and clean
☆Continuous working above 12 hours, steady quality
☆Unique fountain effect, good appearance.

stainless steel chocalate fountain machine manufacturing workshop

How to Clean Chocolate Fountain Machine

☞Power it off. Turn off the switch.
☞Softly scrape chocolate on the tower
☞Clean tower and rotating role in the warm water of 50-60℃
☞Wipe the machine body with a piece of wet cloth and dry cloth each.
☞Put the machine away in a dry place.

Chocolate Fountains-visual and Gustatory Pleasure

Imagine such a flowing scene that smooth melting chocolate cascading down in the fountain tiers like a chocolate waterfall, besides, with the sweet, succulent strawberries dipped into this long liquid. Are you mouthwatering? It has to be chocolate which plays the magic role to make your taste buds dancing.

Chocolate Fountain Machine Technical Data

Tiers 3 4 5 7
Height 40cm 60cm 80cm 100cm
Max Diameter 21cm 33cm 37cm 43cm
Power 170W 230W 300W 350W
Weight 3Kg 6Kg 8Kg 12Kg
Capacity 0.8Kg 5Kg 6Kg 8Kg
Voltage 220V-50Hz/110V-60Hz 220V-50Hz/110V-60Hz 220V-50Hz/110V-60Hz 220V-50Hz/110V-60Hz