Hand Push Food Cart Introduction

Hand push type food cart can be used for vending kinds of food in the street. This food trolley is a kind of simple food cart that moves by human hands. The hand-push food carts have different appearances and colors. We have several models for you to choose from. There are many kinds of Standard Devices and Option Devices. You can choose the one you need according to your need. Stable performance, easy to operate!hand push food cart for sale

Hand Push Mobile Food Cart Materials

1. Both sides of the cart body are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics: high strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, insulating, and fire-resistance.
2. The inside and outside of the food carts are painted with high-quality car paint.
3. The backboard of the food cart uses a double-layer color steel plate with a thermally insulating layer.
4. The front veil is made of endurance plates&anti-impact board.
5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings and 4 jacks.

high quality food cart

Hand Push Food Cart Features

1. Different models, appearances, colors for choice, you can choose the suitable one easily.
2. This series of food carts are pushed by hands, energy saving.
3. The contacted food parts are made of Stainless Steel, healthy, clean, and no-rust.
4. Simple structure, covering less floor space, you can set up in parking lots, on sidewalks, in groups, or standing by themselves.
5. Humanized construction and design, fashion appearances, bright colors.
6. Can be customized according to your requirements.

Hand Push Food Cart Equipment

The hand-push food cart standard equipment consists of fluorescent light, handle, stainless steel good shelve, lifting jacks, display cabinet, cash drawer, PowerPoint, stainless steel store cabinet, water sinks, 12-volt pump system for sinks, fresh and waste stainless steel water tanks under rear cupboards and power distribution.
Moreover, there is optional equipment you can choose from. You can still choose three kinds of equipment from a square iron hot plate, steamer, fryer, round gas hot plate, and three-layer crystal heating oven. Small size food machines are also popular with customers who have bought hand push food carts. The small machines are easy to operate and can make delicious food or drink. You can consider a coffee machine, ice machine, BBQ grill, donut maker, juicer or potato chip fryer, etc.

food cart equipment

How to Choose the Food to Serve

Determining what to serve can be fun. However, it is not an easy thing for freshers. The following questions may be helpful to you. You can consider them when doing the menu planning for food carts.
1. What foods are popular in your town, county, city, or region?
2. What ingredients are easy to get from wholesalers, markets, or farms in your area?
3. What can you prepare and heat up without much difficulty?
4. What foods can customers easily carry around with them?
5. What foods are potentially cost-effective for you to sell?
6. What times of day will you be open?

Hand Push Food Cart Technical Parameters

Model Dimension Weight Transfer Method
ALMFC8 2.25*1.6*2.2m 400kg Hand
ALMFC9 2.2*1.6*2.1m 400kg Hand
ALMFC10 2.2*1.6*2.1m 400kg Hand
ALMFC11 2.8*2.0*2.2m 400kg Hand
ALMFC14 2.8*2.0*2.2m 200kg Hand
ALMFC15 2.3*1.6*2.2m 400kg Hand