Sugar Coating Machine Introduction

The sugar coating machine is mainly used for coating and polishing the shaped tablets and micro granules in confectionary and pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used to coat nuts, dried fruit, and seeds etc.sugar-coating-machine-stainless-steel

Sugar Coating Machine Application

The sugar coating machine has wide usages, which can produce a variety of delicious food. The product centers include dried fruits, seeds, nuts, toffees, caramels, biscuits, extruded products, chewing gums, and chewy candies etc. The product coatings include syrup, sucrose, dextrose, polyol and icing sugar etc. The sugar coating machines are suitable for confectionary plants, snack plants, and other food processing plants.

sugar coating machine application

Sugar Coating Machine Features

◆The machine is made of stainless steel, healthful and beautiful.
◆Stable running, low noise, easy operation, and high efficiency.
◆The inclination angle of the sugarcoating pot can be adjusted.
◆The machine can be equipped with an automatic feeding device to decrease labor intensity and improve efficiency according to the demand.
◆The heated-air drying device adopts resistance wire to heat, convenient to control.

sugar coating machien for processing chewing gum

Sugar Coating Machine Operating Principles

1. Check the fastening components of the machine are loose or not before operating.
2. Clean the inner and outer of the sugarcoating pot.
3. Start the main motor, let the machine idle for two minutes to judge if the machine has faults.
4. After feeding materials, press the main motor button first; then press the air blower button according to the sugar crystallization condition, and connect the heating wire switch at the same time.

Sugar Coating Machine Technical Parameters

Model AL-200 AL-300 AL-400 AL-600 AL-800 AL-1000 AL-1250
Sugarcoating Pot Dia. 200mm 300mm 400mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1250mm
Capacity(Kg/time) 1 2 5 15 30-50 50-70 80-150
Rotation Speed 46r/min 46r/min 46r/min 36r/min 36r/min 32r/min 28r/min
Motor Power 0.37Kw 0.37Kw 0.37Kw 0.75Kw 1.1Kw 1.1Kw 3Kw
Weight 36Kg 37Kg 38Kg 85Kg 205Kg 220Kg 350Kg
Dimension(mm) 500*350*700 500*350*700 550*400*800 800*600*900 1000*800*1430 1100*1000*1560 1250*1200*1820

Sugar Coating Machine Working Video Show