Large Airflow Puffing Machine Instruction

The large airflow puffing machine is designed to process puffed cereal or grain, such as wheat, rice, corn, and barley etc. The machine has a simple structure and is convenient to operate. It has high processing speed, and it is safe, reliable and environmental.automatic cereal puffing machine

Large Airflow Puffing Machine Application

The large airflow puffing machine can be used to puff rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, sorghum, pearl barley, and various beans etc. The machine keeps the flavor, color, luster and nutrient content of various grains furthest. The puffed grain can be made into a variety of products too. The large airflow puffing machines are popular with snack food processing factories.

airflow grain puffing machine with excellent service

Large Airflow Puffing Machine Advantages

★High production yield: take rice, for example, the machine can process 10kg rice one time.
★Saving of labor: one skilled worker can operate three machines at the same time.
★Shorter heating time: for maize, puff maize just needs six minutes.
★Energy saving: unit product consumes lower energy than common bulking machines.
★Easy operation: humanized design, easy to operate.

Why Choose Puffed Cereal

The physical state and organic molecular structure of the puffed cereal have changed. The amylum is easier to be digested and the protein is easier to be utilized. The puffed grain has two particular advantages. First, the palatability of the puffed food has improved. The puffed grain is more delicious, which can stimulate people’s appetite. Second, the digestibility of the puffed cereal is higher. After puffing, the long chain structure of protein, fat and other organics becomes short chain structure. Thus the food is much easier to be digested.

Puffed Cereal

Large Airflow Puffing Machine Technical Parameters

Model AL-QP50
Capacity 50Kg/h
Power 0.75Kw
Voltage 380V/220V
Weight 460Kg
Dimension 1720*800*1320mm