Vegetable Processing Machine

Vegetable Processing Machines

Good helper to clean or cut vegetables for supermarket or grocery. Worth investment!

Mushroom Slicer Machine

Mushroom slicer machine can be applied to slice edible fungi at adjustable sizes. It works in manual cutting principle and widely applies to soft vegetables, edible fungi and fresh kelp.

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine

This fruit and vegetable cleaner machine adopts screw blade to push the round or oval vegetables and fruits for continuous washing and peeling. It is a screw type vegetable brush washer.

Vegetable Dehydrator Machine

Leafy vegetable dehydrator machine is to dehydrate leafy vegetables for easy storage and freshness. It can also be used for processing potato chips and other food.

Garlic Grading Machine

Garlic grading machine is to sort garlic cloves as well as other good-shaped fruits and vegetables into several grades. PLC control, good quality.

Vegetable Blanching Machine

Vegetable blanching machine is suitable for various kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, and nut blanching and enzyme deactivating. The heat source can be steam, electricity and heat conduction oil.

Hot Air Drying Oven

Hot air circulating oven is to dehydrate fruits and vegetables with forced air. Easy operation and energy saving.

Garlic Grinder Machine

Garlic grinder machine can cut garlic, ginger, onion, chili, potato, and other vegetables and fruits into the paste or small pieces. The blades can be added freely.

Garlic Peeling Machine

Garlic peeling machine is to peel garlic for further processing. No need of water. Suitable for any kinds and sizes of garlic.

Garlic Slicer Machine

Garlic slicer machine is to slice garlic and other vegetables in large quantity. Adjustable thickness and no damage to vegetables.

Automatic Bean Sprouts Packing Machine

The bean sprouts packaging machine is used to packing bean sprouts, can automatically complete bean sprouts elevating, arranging, feeding, weighing, bag forming, filling and bag sewing. Easy to operate.