Ice Cream Cone Machine

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Ice Cream Cone Machine Is Hot Sale

Ice cream cone machine is an ideal equipment for processing delicious ice cream cones, sugar cones, cups or other similar food. With varieties of molds, you can replace various usage, and match a variety of shapes in configuration. It adopts centrifugal type principle, simple to operate, high efficient and easy to clean. This machine can be used in producing cake, bread and ice cream production line.

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Ice Cream Cone Machine Features

1. Made of stainless steel, meeting sanitation standard; beautiful appearance, easy to clean.
2. Advanced heating element to ensure the ideal production ability.
3. Adjustable temperature. The temperature is controlled by a microcomputer and can be set according to different needs, automatically display.
4. Equipped with mixing system inside to accelerate the cold cycling, so the machine has high refrigeration speed.
5. Modulating various kinds of tastes according to customers’ needs.
6. One machine can match a variety of shapes molds, easy to operation, high efficiency.

How to Make Ice Cream Cone

Divided into the upper and lower molds, ice cream cone machine is humanized designed and available to control knob by temperature. When the temperature rises up, the upper mold will pull up, and the lower mold will close. Then paddle material is injected, then close the upper mold and down mold completely. About one or two minutes later, ice cream cone will finish forming. Now pull up the upper mold, open the down mold, egg cone will be automatically expelled to the inside channel and slid out.

how to produce ice cream cones

Technical Parameters of Ice Cream Cone Machine

Model ALIC-48 ALIC-72 ALIC-200 ALIC-180 ALIC-250
Molds 2 4 10 12 32
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 1500W 2400W 5000W 7000W 13000W
Capacity 50-80pcs/h 100-120pcs/h 250-330pcs/h 300-350pcs/h 800-1000pcs/h
Baking time 1-2min 1-2min 1-2min 1-2min 1-2min
Dimension 40*34*45cm 42*45*72cm 87*70*140cm 100*60*120cm 140*75*140cm
Weight 48kg 72kg 200kg 180kg 250kg

Working Video of Ice Cream Cone Machine