Popcorn Machine Instruction

Popcorn machine is used to make popcorn conveniently. We have a variety of popcorn machines for choice. They are all with attractive design, easy to operate and save power consumption. You can choose according to your need.popcorn vending machine with cart

Popcorn Machine Features

◆Special and elegant appearance design, easy operation.
◆The popcorn machine equips with a blender to avoid the popcorns coagulate together.
◆The four sides of the popcorn case are made of heat-resisting toughened glass, safe and healthful; also it can show the popcorn making process.
◆High-effect heating and warming systems, which can make the making process convenient and quick.
◆The popcorns adopt an internal light design that enhances the showing effect.

Popcorn Machine Working Principle

1. Press the warming and lightening switch, the heating tube and warming lightening bulb begin to work.
2. Twist the heating switch; preheat the popcorn making plate for 5-7 minutes. Put three corn kernels and 5g edible oil into the plate. When the corns pop, the preparation work finishes.
3. Pour 50ml oil into the pot, and then put 150g corns and 100g sugar into the plate. Pop for about 5 minutes. Open the pot cover and pour out the popcorns.

how to make popcorn

Popcorn Machine Cleaning and Maintenance Notice

1. Cut off the electric source when clean the machine to avoid contingency.
2. Clean the machine by using a half-wet towel. It is forbidden to wash the machine by rinsing water directly.
3. It is not allowed to brush the popcorn pot with metal objects, so as not to damage the non-stick coating.

How to Select Popcorn Machine?

Popcorn machines are divided by the mass loading of grain and the power consumption of electricity. To choose the right equipment, you need to decide where there will be a place of selling popcorn. If this will be a park or street, then you should use a popcorn machine with mobile cart; if this will be a cinema or a mall, then use fixed installations with a greater load of grain. We have six models of popcorn machines with different capacity and design. There are yellow, red, green and black colors for choice. If you do not want to risk, then you can start a business with a relatively inexpensive small popcorn machine. They operate on 220 volts and have a small size.buying popcorn

Popcorn Machine Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Capacity Power Dimension
AL-24 220V, 50Hz  24oz 2.2Kw 1000*700*935mm
AL-24-2 220V, 50Hz 24oz 2.2Kw 1000*700*1800mm
AL-6 220V, 50Hz 8oz 1.45Kw 560*420*720mm
AL-6P 220V, 50Hz 8oz 1.45Kw 500*380*680mm
AL-6-1 220V, 50Hz 8oz 1.45Kw 500*380*1530mm
AL-6-2 220V, 50Hz 8oz 1.45Kw 560*420*1570mm