Nut Processing Machine

Nut Processing Machines

Preprocess nuts such as breaking, shelling, and crushing. Little investment, endless profit.

Automatic Nut Roasting Machine

Nut roasting machine is to roast various kinds of nuts automatically.We offer nut peeling machine,nut shelling machine,nut grinding machine, process nut prodoucts.

Automatic Cashew Peeling Machine

Automatic cashew peeling machine is to peel the thin skin outside cashew nuts and for further processing of cashew products. High peeling rate of 98% and no damage.

Cashew Kernel Separating Machine

Cashew Shell and Kernel Separating Machine Introduction Cashew shell and kernel separating machine is mainly used for separating the kernels and shells after cashew shelling efficiently. According to different sizes of cashew kernels and sh

Almond Shelling & Separating Machine

Our small almond shelling and separating machine can remove and separate almond shells from almond meats efficiently and completely. High cracking rate, low kernel broken rate, low power consumption.

Multifunctional Sesame Roaster

Multifunctional sesame roaster is quite popular in offering delicious roasted food and snacks.It is large roating capacity and high efficiency.Worth your investment.