Small Potato Chips Plant Introduction

Small potato chips plant is to process potato chips from potato washing to potato chips packing. The complete process is of high automation and flexible to install. All of the main part machines are made of stainless steel. We offer top quality different capacities of semi automatic potato chips making machine at a reasonable price. The small scale potato chips machine could also process sweet potato, cassava, carrot, and other vegetables. It is indeed multifunctional.small potato chips plant price

Small Scale Potato Chips Line Processing Equipment

  • Potato washing & peeling machine: it can do the cleaning and peeling process at one time.
  • Vegetable cutting machine: it can cut the clean and peeled potatoes into the slice or stick shape. The size and thickness can be adjusted.
  • Vegetable blanching machine: do the rinse and restrain enzyme activity to protect the color & flavor of potato chips.
  • Dehydrator machine: it adopts centrifugal force to remove the surface water of potato slices. And it can save much time of frying so that makes it palatable.
  • Potato slices frying machine: it fries the potato chips with the exact temperature of the oil, and makes potato chips high quality and delicate taste; it adopts oil and water mixing technology.
  • De-oiling machine: adopting centrifugal force, it is applied to remove oil from fried potato chips, so it overcomes the disadvantage of high oleaginousness.
  • Potato chips flavoring machine: Use the spray to add the seasoning materials on potato chips. Potato chips can be uniformly seasoned into various flavors.
  • Vacuum and nitrogen packing machine: nitrogen is added to avoid breaking potato chips and extends its quality guarantee period. This set of equipment is high automation which can do the inflation, package and date printing at one time.

potato chips by small potato chips lineSmall Scale Potato Chips Machine Output We Can Offer

♢ 50 kg/h, 100 kg/h and 200 kg/h
♢ We could customize the potato chips line according to your own requirements.

8 of the World’s Strangest Potato Chip Flavors

1. Tako Octopus Flavored Chips
2. Walkers Cajun Squirrel
3. Lays Cheeseburger
4. Pringles Tandori Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Milky Shoyu Butter
5. Shearer’s Home Run Hot Dog
6. Walkers Turkey and Stuffing
7. Herr’s Kansas City Prime Steak
8. Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators

50 kg/h Small Potato Chips Plant Technical Data

Item Name
IEP10 Washing and peeling machine
 0.75 kW/220V
 60 kg
690*430*860 mm
IPS400 Potato cutting machine
 0.75 kW/220V
 60 kg
650*510*700 mm
PT1000 Blanching machine
 15 kW/380V
  50 kg
 1310*650*700 mm
TS500 De-watering machine
 0.75 kW/380V
400 kg
940*560*830 mm
DYZ1000 Frying machine
 21 kW/380V
 120 kg
1380*620*950 mm
TY500 De-oiling machine
0.75 kW/380V
 400 kg
 940*560*830 mm
BL800 Flavoring machine
 0.75 kW/220V
 90 kg
 1000*800*1380 mm
 DZ400-2S Vacuum packing machine
 1 kW/380V
 180 kg
 1050*650*855 mm