Grain Processing Machine

Grain Processing Machine

Wide application in various grain mills or grain processing plants. Different capacities, all profitable!

Soya Milk Machine

Soya milk machine can be used to make tasty soymilk and used together with tofu press machine to make soya paneer. The machine first grinds the soybean and then boil the soybean milk.

Sesame Peeling Machine

Sesame peeling machine can peel large capacity of sesames for various sesame food and snacks. High peeling rate and integrity.

Sesame Washing Machine

Sesame washing machine is to clean sesame in various capacities with no damage. We can get pure sesame for sesame oil or other sesame food. Worth investment.

Tofu Making Machine

Tofu making machine is to form soya paneer in a large capacity for wide commercial use. Double row pneumatic to make integral and good tofu. Affordable.

Bean Sprouts Machine

Bean sprout machine is automatically used to make various sprout food. Large capacity and quick profit. Worth food investment.

Sesame Processing Plant

We can supply a complete set of sesame processing plant for hulling sesame and various sesame processing machines such as sesame peeling machine, sesame washing machine and sesame dewatering machine.

Automatic Animal Fodder Sprouting Machine

Automatic animal fodder sprouting machine is used to promote the growth of animal feed forage grass. The sprouts machine can short the growth cycle of sprouts, especially in winter or low room temperature.

Bean Sprout Cleaning Machine

Our double layer vibrating machine has the function of cleaning the bean sprout and removing the shell in the bean sprout, which is a part of the bean sprout machine line.