Manual Ice Crusher Introduction

Manual Ice Crusher can be used to crush small sizes of ice crystals to ice flakes. It has durable performance, compact structure, and is easy to operate. This machine shuts off when the handle is up to prevent any injury. This small and efficient machine is ideal for making frozen drinks and food. It’s widely used in the restaurant, drink shops, leisure snack shop and coffee shops, and etc.

home manual ice crusher

Manual Ice Crusher Features

1. The eye-catching shape and elegant appearance, special processing of surface.
2. The entire body of made of the titanium alloy material, safe enough, durable enough, and non-rusty.
3. The crushing blade is made of refined high-quality stainless steel, not easy to wear down, accord with food hygiene requirement.
4. Waterproof design, adding a plastic cover outside the switch, which makes the machine safe enough.
5. Simple and convenient to operate and maintain, saving labor.  6. High efficiency, low noise.

accessories show of manual ice shaver

Manual Ice Crusher Application

This Ice Crusher is applicable to hotel, bar, cold drink shop, coffee bar and other cold drink making places. The crushed ice can be used as elegant ice beds for salads, and add some fruits and jam to make a tasty dessert.crushed ice dessert

How to Use Manual Ice Crusher

▷Please break the big ice lump into small ice pieces before starting.
▷Open the top cap, use a dry cloth to clean shaved ice tank, check the blade installation is firm.
▷Put ice into the crusher,
▷Push the handle.


1. Please keep the machine in a flat place, otherwise, it will cause the vibration.
2. Shaved ice tank can only use a dry cloth to scrub, do not wash with water. Before cleaning, power must be off.
3. Do not touch the blade when cleaning in order to avoid scratching the fingers.

Manual Ice Crusher Technical Parameters

Model ALBJ-198
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 200W
Dimension 430*200*305mm
Weight 4kg
Speed 1400r/min