Electric Ice Crusher Introduction

Ice Crusher can be used to crush all sorts of different sizes of ice crystals to make flake ice efficiently and perfectly. It can produce different types of flake ice, such as coarse, medium and fine for different usage. It’s durable performance, easy to operate. It’s an necessary crushed ice equipment to make snowflake ice.

automatic shaved snow machine

Ice Crusher Parameters

Model ALBJ-138 ALBJ-168
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 200W 180W
Dimension 430*390*690mm 390*280*450mm
Weight 22Kg 18Kg
Ice diameter 13-16cm 3-5cm

Ice Crusher Features

1. Elegant design, superior performance, luxury, and graceful appearance.
2. A little requirement of the ice to be shaved: can crush different kinds of ice block, ice diameter from 3-16 cm.
3. Easy to operate and maintain, saving labor.
4. All parts contacting the ice are made of stainless steel, accord with food hygiene requirement.
5. Maximum dimensions of the ice block to be crushed: 15*15*19 cm.
6. Crush ice quickly, low noise.

Ice Crusher Application

snow ice

This Ice Crusher is applicable to hotel, bar, cold drink shop, coffee bar and other cold drink making place. The crushed ice can be used as elegant ice beds for salads, and add some fruits and jam to make a tasty dessert.

Ice Crushing Machine Operating Instructions

ALBJ-138 Model Ice Crusher

ALBJ-138 model ice crusher

☆Take out ice block with a diameter of 13cm-16cm and height of 5cm-20cm. And then put the ice block on the tray.
☆Adjust the height between the ice block and the adjusting rod, fix the locking pin to the ice block.
☆ Turn on the power switch.
☆ Turn the granule size adjuster to crush the ice cube as required.
☆Turn off the power switch after the ice flake making is finished.

ALBJ-168 Model Ice Crusher

ALBJ-168 model ice crusher

☆Please break the heavy ice lump into small ice pieces of 3-5cm diameter before starting; otherwise, the motor may be damaged.
☆Open the top cap, use a dry cloth to clean shaved ice tank, check the blade installation is firm, and put the ice cube inside, and then close the cap.
☆Plug into the power supply and switch “ON” for crushing.
☆Turn the granule size adjuster to crush the ice cube as required.
☆Turn off the power switch.

Ice Crushing Machine Announcements

1. Please keep the machine in a flat place, otherwise, it will cause the vibration.
2. Shaved ice tank can only use a dry cloth to scrub, do not wash with water. Before cleaning, power must be off.
3. Do not touch the blade when cleaning in order to avoid scratching the fingers.
4. Do not remove the electric body when cleaning.