Bubble Tea Shaking Machine Introduction

Bubble tea shaking machine is a kind of professional and commercial machine to shake up bubble tea drinks automatically. It can be used to serve up delicious shaken ice teas, milk teas, and other types of beverages by adding ice and shaking to make the flavor taste good. This shaking machine is suitable for different sizes of the shaker. It’s high quality, easy to operate; saves time and labor. It’s a necessary tool in the bar, bubble tea shop, and beverage shop.

bubble Tea shake making machine

Technical Parameters of Bubble Tea Shaking Machine

Model ALNY-120-1 ALNY-120-2
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 120w 120w
Dimension 350*300*350mm 350*300*350mm
Net weight 25kg 27kg
Package size 350*300*350mm 390*370*400mm
Rotate speed 400r/min 400r/min
Type 1 head 2 heads

Bubble Tea Shaking Machine Features

◇High-quality stainless steel structure, healthy and durable to use, safe and easy to clean.
◇360 ° rotating, perfect mixing, tea’s flavor is greatly enhanced.
◇Can shake the shakers without lids putting up, a good seal to prevent water out, efficient and convenient.
◇Suitable for many sizes of shaker cups (350 cc – 1000 cc).
◇Can shake HOT and COOL liquid, performance cannot be replaced.
◇30 seconds timer, free to set time.
◇Can shake one or two cups at the same time.

milk tea shaker machine detailed part show

About the Bubble Tea Shaker

Shaker in bubble tea shaking machine plays a quite important role. It consists of a bottle cap, a screener and bottle body. The common materials are stainless steel and resin. Known as shaking the bottle, the shaker is used for evenly shaking ice cubes, milk powder, fruit juice, honey, etc. It can mix and cool liquid quickly and this is the necessity to make leisure beverage. For bubble tea businesses, many business owners like to use the fancier equipment because it adds to the novelty of the drink, then we are your good assistant in purchasing good bubble tea shaker.

Bubble Tea Shaking Machine Application Ranges

Bubble tea shaking machine has a wide application range. It can be used as tea restaurant, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western-style food shop equipment, drink shop equipment, Chinese food shop equipment, brewery equipment, leisure food products factory equipment, meat processing equipment, fruit, and vegetable processing equipment, dressing plant equipment.

bubble tea shake

How to Use Bubble Tea Shaking Machine

1. Pull up the arm. Before pressing the start button, please set the time, the time regulator can be adjusted time from 1 to 60 seconds. Shaking up time of milk tea is about 10 to 20 seconds.
2. Put the packed milk tea shaker cups on the bottom, and pull down the arm, check the shaker cup and seal edge close or not.
3. Then press the start switch, the machine can stop automatically when the set time is ended. And pull up the arm and take out the shaker cups.
Put shaker cups into the cup base cover above, and put shaker cup’s head off, otherwise, it’s easy to damage the radial pressure nozzle.