creative bread

Toast Bread with Butter is many people’s favorite breakfast, it’s crispy and crunchy, and I prefer to have it along with my morning tea, it does really make me fresh. So follow me to know how to make it believe that you must like enjoying it!

Ingredients of Toast Bread

Bread or Sliced bread
Amul Butter
Kissan Jam

Toasted bread with funny facesHow to Make Toast Bread

★ Select the bread of your choice; you can simply use whole wheat bread, brown bread or a regular white bread.
★ Make sure that the pre-sliced bread will fit perfectly in a toaster or slice your bread with a “bread knife” to fit in the toaster accordingly.
★ Keep the bread slices carefully into the bread slots of the bread toaster.
★ Based on the thickness and type of the bread you can select the settings of the bread toaster accordingly.
★ You can press the toaster plunger to start the toasting.
★ Toast it until it turns to golden brown in color and a little bit crunchy as per your choice.
★ You can remove the hot toasted bread slices carefully from the toaster once it pops up after a set interval of time.
★ You can serve toast bread with Amul butter or Kissan jam.