Bean sprout as a kind of vegetable is the edible young stems directly grown out from beans, using of soilless cultivation method in the dark or low light conditions. As the bean sprouts have features of the taste of crisp, less fiber, clean and pollution-free, nutrient-rich, etc. In terms of eating, it can be dressed with sauce, fried, soup, and other various tricks, favored by customers. In cultivation, growing bean sprouts use less investment and low cost, with a short cycle, fast and high economic returns. It has a certain market potential under the greenness and health care advocating by nowadays’ people.

Bean sprouts growing conditions

1. Ground requirement

Under normal circumstances, the production site can choose idle buildings, open space and so on. Requiring a certain degree of temperature control, ventilation facilities, having a better water supply and drainage functions.

2. Production facility:Automatic bean sprouts growing machine.

Intelligent control of the temperature of the water tank, the temperature inside the box, the time of pouring water, and the automatic alarm protection function of water shortage. It’s safe and reliable, easy to operate.

3. Disinfection of the site:disinfection once a month.

Thimerosal, potassium hypermanganate, and carbendazim, one of them is useful. Spraying the disinfectant to ground and walls, then shut the doors and windows, two hours later, open the doors and windows for ventilation.

Excellent Performance Automatic Bean Sprouts machine

Management of growing bean sprouts

1. Seed selection

select the variety which is exclusively used in sprouting, its germination percentage is more than 95% with high purity and cleanliness. This variety has strong growth potential and high yield (500g can produce mung bean sprouts 5 ~ 6kg), slow fiber formation, good quality, full-grain of the current year seeds.

2. Humidity

The minimum can not be less than 75% (if less than 75%, spraying water to ground and air, increase humidity). If the humidity is not enough, bean sprouts grow slowly and irregular, it is easy to fibrosis, bad taste, and low yield.

3. Temperature

The minimum can not be less than 15 degrees, the maximum can not exceed 35 degrees. If less than 15 degrees, these figures can be directly selected from the sprouting machine, it can be taken to increase the temperature of the artificial heating method. If more than 35 degrees, ventilating and watering sprouts to reduce temperature.

4. Light management

bean sprouts need dark or weak light conditions in the process.

5. Timely harvest

Bean sprouting machine has a short growing cycle of bean sprout, only 3-4 days. Bean sprouts are young stems and leaves, with tender soft organization and high moisture. It is easily wilting dehydration, and requirements to maintain a high level of products, and therefore must be timely recovery listed. Usually, take the whole disk container transport in sales. Bean products are harvested listed standards: white bud, 8-10cm high, neat, cotyledons absent or developing, no rot or rotten neck, no peculiar smell, tender stems without fibrosis.


With the market demand for bean sprouts continue to increase, the quality of bean sprouts have been increasing continuously, and the production of bean sprouts in our country has gradually become larger, serialization, sequencing. Producing bean sprouts do not take arable land or strong labor, the general staff can do it. It needs a small cost but gains a great benefit, only four or five days from seeding to harvest time. The production of bean sprouts is not limited by season, do not worry about the drought and flood disasters throughout the year, whenever and wherever possible can be produced. Therefore, in the production of bean sprouts staff is not confined to a few farmers or specialist. The majority of farmers and laid-off workers, unemployed youth and retirees also actively engage in the production of bean sprouts.