We all like eat delicacies, but not all of us are able to make delicious food. A better way to DIY homemade palatable food is to try from some easy recipes. Garlic mashed potatoes are a classic popular and comforting side dish, the flavor of garlic turns a plain mashed potato into something special. This mashed potato with garlic recipe will help you have this wonderfully tasty side dish for dinner anytime you want at home.

Mashed Potato with Garlic Preparation

8 rinsed and peeled potatoes (about 4 pounds),
1 head peeled garlic,
1/2 cup milk,
1/2 cup butter,
2 tbsp olive oil, salt

Making Procedure

Dice potatoes, and boil and simmer them with 1 tsp salt until they are tender enough pierced with the fork. Remove and drain.
Bake garlic cloves with olive oil for 30-40 mins, or till the cloves soft to touch and brown.
Heat the milk and butter until melted and blended completely. Keep warm.
Mash the drained potato cubes and baked garlic cloves with a potato masher or a large fork.
Add the milk-butter mixture; keep mashing for the consistency you want.
Ready to serve.


Do not over-beat in case the potato becomes too gummy.
Add extra salt if needed.
Garnish with bacon, chives, cheese or others as desired.