Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates which are important for health; and a combination that will help regulate blood sugar levels and great for weight watchers. Now you can make delicious sweet potato soup and enjoy it.

Preparations of Sweet Potato Soup

ingredients for making sweet potato soup

1 large sweet potato, one-half onion, I tbsp olive oil, 1 cup milk, 1 cup chicken broth, 2 tsp butter,
1 tsp dried thyme leaves, 1/2 tsp ground cumin

How to Make Sweet Potato Soup

1. Rinse and peel the potato; cut into pieces and simmer until very tender; mash the potato with the butter. Set aside.
2. Chop the onion; heat the oil and stir-fry the onion in the saucepan for 5-7 mins or until soft.
3. Fold the chicken broth and milk in the potato mash and stir until smooth.
4. Remove the mixture in Step3 into the saucepan; add thyme leaves and ground cumin; cook over medium heat for 15 mins or until flavors blended completely.
5. Ready to serve.

Tips & Warnings

1. If you have any leftover soup, chill it and serve later as a dipping sauce with crudités. It will keep up to 3 days in tightly sealed preservation-box.
2. Don’t use this recipe if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

nutrition of sweet potato soup
Creamy Sweet Potato Soup
sweet potato soup