Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Introduction

Vacuum meat tumbling machine is used for marinating meat products such as beef, chicken, pork, seafood products in meat processing plants. It takes advantage of the physical impact principle and can increase meat adhesive force and elasticity. Meat in the vacuum bowl will absorb the flavor and condiment completely. After processing, the meat is more delicious and good tasting.automatic meat marinating machine

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Application

Vacuum meat tumbling machine offers a wide-range application such as massaging, marinating, and mixing for almost all kinds of meat. This machine is suitable for pickled western sausage, ham, bacon, barbecue, and the meat salted processing for traditional Chinese poultry, butter, halides, casual food.

vacuum meat tumbling machine application

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Features

☆Made of high-quality stainless steel, meets hygiene and healthy standard, easy to clean.
☆Lung respiration function, improving meat organization structure, increasing the production rate, can enhance water retention.
☆Various processes can be selected such as continuous tumbling, interval tumbling, reverse unloading, etc.
☆Appropriate vacuum rolling speed, ensuring the optimum meat structure, color retention, and protein extraction.
☆Compact structure, low noise, reliable performance.
☆Simple operation, high efficiency.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine

Model ALVT-100 ALVT-200 ALVT-300 ALVT-500
Roller volume 100L 200L 300L 500L
Capacity 50kg 100kg 150kg 200-300kg
Roller speed (r/min) 8.5r/min 8r/min 7.5r/min 7r/min
Total power(kw) 1.95kw 2.25kw 2.25kw 2.25kw
Vacuum degree(mpe) 0.08mpe 0.08mpe 0.08mpe 0.08mpe
Dimension(mm) 1065*500*920mm 1400*1000*1500mm 1500*1000*1510mm 1850*1100*1600mm
Weight 260kg 320kg 440kg 520kg

Working Video of Meat Tumbler Machine