Sausage Filling & Kinking Machine Introduction

Pneumatic Quantitative sausage filling and kinking machine adopts advanced technology and uses pneumatic photoelectric control principle, cannot only finish quantitative filling and but kinking continuously and automatically. It is suitable for natural casing, collagen, smoked casing to fill various ham products. It’s an ideal equipment of sausage processing.Pneumatic Quantitative Sausage Stuffing Machine with kinker

Sausage Filling & Kinking Machine Features

▷Microcomputer controlled rigorous sealing and adjustable filling full degree and quota between 20-1000g.
▷Quantitatively accurate, the error is less than 3g.
▷With automatic knot tying device and lubricating system, high efficiency.
▷Made of high-quality stainless steel, anticorrosion, waterproof, healthy and durable to use and meet the food hygiene requirements.
▷Easy to operate and wash, stable performance.
▷Small volume, low investment, and beautiful appearance.

Pneumatic Quantitative Sausage Filling & Kinking Machine Application

This machine is suitable for medium and small meat products processing enterprises.


Sausage Filling & Kinking Machine Specifications

Model ALPS-100
Speed 100times/min
Quantitative scope 20-1000g(Adjustable)
Pressure 0.5Mpa (The lowest)
Power 220V/ 50HZ
Height of center 850 mm
Hopper capacity 57L
Pipes 12φ/15φ/25φ/33φ
Outside dimension 650*640*1430(mm)
Weight 145kg

Working Video of Pneumatic Quantitative Sausage Filling and Kinking Machine