Electric and Gas Chicken Rotisserie Introduction

This series electric and gas chicken rotisserie adopts the advantages of similar at home and abroad and equipped with high-quality stainless steel material, intuitive modeling, and firm structure. They have the function of rotating grill. The oven door is made of special heat-resistant glass, can withstand temperature above 300 ℃. Bore with lights, so that you can always watch the bakes product quality at any time. Also, it can be used as a rotating showcase to attract customers usually. It is the necessary equipment for hotels, restaurants and grill houses._chicken rotisserie machine

Chicken Rotisserie Characteristics

☞Type of heating: gas and electric.
☞Interior lighting and nice display performance
☞The meat can move around the axis.
☞The machine is equipped with a point switch.
☞All stainless steel body with front and back visual glasses
☞The machine has truckle so you can move it easily.
☞High quality of heat-resistant glasses, infrared radiant broiling.

Application of Chicken Rotisserie

The electric/gas chicken rotisserie is widely applied to chickens, ducks, gooses, mutton, beef and pork and so on. And also it can be applied anywhere, such as stations, terminals, shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping streets, restaurants, night markets, industrial areas, schools, tourist attractions, etc.

delicious chicken

delicious roasted chicken

roasted chicken

Regular Routine Maintenance of Chicken Rotisserie

✿Please cut off the power when clean the rotisserie, can’t flash it with water directly.
✿The maintenance of power supply must be inspected by professionals regularly.
✿The roast chicken furnace should be kept clean, clean it with a wet cloth every day.

Technical Parameters of Chicken Rotisserie

Product name Model Voltage Power Weight Overall dimension
Electric Chicken Rotisserie(one-layer) ALC6-EB-201  3N~380V 9.3KW 133.5kg 1000*900*1060mm
 Electric 2 Layers Chicken Rotisserie ALC6-EB-202 3N-380V 18.6KW 270kg 1000*900*2020mm
 Electric Chicken Rotisserie(vertical type) ALC6-EB-206 220V  7.3kW  84kg 670*550*1580mm
Electric Chicken Rotisserie ALC6-EB-268 220V  6kW  71kg  1010*630*800mm
Electric Chicken Rotisserie ALC6-EB-266  220V  4.5kW 65kg 810*630*610mm
Gas Chicken Rotisserie(vertical type) ALC6-GB-306 220V 7.5kW 77kg 670*550*1580mm
 Gas Chicken Rotisserie ALC6-GB-368 220V 8.2kW 74kg 1010*630*800mm
 Gas Chicken Rotisserie ALC6-GB-366 220V 8.2kW 63kg 810*630*610mm