Introduction of Bone Crushing Machine

Bone crushing machine is a new efficient claw type grinding equipment used to crush all kinds of bones efficiently and the broken range is 5-80 mm. This crushing machine has simple operation, compact structure, convenient maintenance cleaning, stable work, production, and fine granularity.automatic bone crusher machine

Features of Bone Crushing Machine

☆The parts contact with materials adopts high-quality stainless steel, stable and durable, superior wear resistance and long service life, no pollution, meeting the food hygienic requirements.
☆Grinding head is made of high-quality alloy steel with a special heat treatment, superior wear resistance, sharpening blunt multiple, repeated use and long service life.
☆Turret optimum design, tool dispersed by force, improve the individual blades shear force and the impact force resistance.
☆Adopts the front blade design to increase blade cutting angle to improve the cutting efficiency, grinding particles uniformly.
☆The feeding hopper noise processing, stainless steel material, the mute effect is good.
☆Can be used together with the conveyor belt, the automation in and out of the material, and reduce the dynamic strength.
☆It is simple to operate, convenient to clean and maintenance, reducing costs, increasing production capacity, and improving elasticity.

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Application Range of Bone Crushing Machine

This crusher machine is suitable for a wide range of sausage, ham bowel, bone soup materials, lunch meats, meatball, frozen food, salty flavor, bone marrow extraction, bone meal, bone glue, cartilage element, bone soup, bone peptide extraction, biological products, instant noodles, Fried food, compound condiment, food ingredients, pet food and frozen meat, hard material broken and so on.

animal bones can be processed by bone crusher machine

How to Operate the Bone Crushing Machine

☆Before opening the grinding machine, please put the machine into a clean space, and place a container under the outlet.
☆Then switch on the power, turn on the switch.
☆Put the bone in feed inlet.
☆Finally turn off the switch, then shut off the power.

Notes on Operating Bone Crushing Machine

1. Do not put your hands in the machine when the machine is operating.
2. Please shut off the power when you do not use the machine.
3. Please read instructions before using.
4. Please clean the machine regularly.

Technical Parameters of Bone Crushing Machine

Model Capacity (kg) Feeding size (mm) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension(mm)
ALC-SG150 20-60 150*200 2.2 130 800*500*1000
ALC-SG230 30-100 250*210 4 280 950*600*1200
ALC-SG300 80-200 300*210 5.5 340 1000*700*1300
ALC-SG400 150-400 380*250 7.5 420 1000*850*1400
ALC-SG500 200-600 500*250 11 600 1200*1000*1500
ALC-SG600 300-900 600*320 15 800 1650*1200*1700
ALC-SG800 800-2200 800*650 22 2000 2400*1500*2400
ALC-SG1000 1000-4000 1000*800 37 4000 2600*1600*2500

Video of Animal Bone Crushing Machine