Fish Cutting Machine Instruction

The fish cutting machine is designed to cut fishes into fish segments, fish blocks, fish fillets or fish strips by exchanging the cutter. It is suitable for various fish, such as carps, codes, catfishes and chubs etc. It is easy to operate and can save labor.

stainless steel fish cutting machine

Fish Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Model QY300 QY600
Capacity 200-400Kg/h 400-600Kg/h
Power 1.5Kw 2.2Kw
Voltage 220V 380V
Weight 70kg 100kg
Dimension 520*350*800mm 710*660*1010mm

Fish Cutting Machine Application

☆The fish cutting machine can be used to cut various fresh fishes and micro frozen fishes. It can be used together with the fish scaling machine. The cutting machines are widely used in restaurants, fish selling stores, fish canneries, and fish processing plants.
☆The fish processed by fish cutting machines can be made into fry fish, canned fish, dried fish and vacuum fish fish meat can be cut by this fish meat cutting machine

Fish Cutting Machine Features

★Equipped with high-quality stainless steel loading tray and output case.
★The cutting blades are made of high-quality carbonaceous steel, high cutting efficiency.
★The machine runs steadily, low noise and low power consumption.
★It is convenient to feed and easy to operate.

Fish Cutting Machine Working Video