Frozen Meat Cutting Machine Introduction

Frozen meat cutting machine is used to cut frozen meat into pieces, shreds, and slices automatically without thawing. It is helpful to maintain the nutrition and flavor of the meat. The minimum specification of the cutting cubes is 4mm, the biggest specifications are 30mm, it is the first choice of equipment for food cutting.frozen meat cube cutting machine

Frozen Meat Cutting Machine Characteristics

◇Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, meeting the national hygienic standards, very safe and healthy.
◇Reasonable design, compact structure, easy to use and clean.
◇No damage to the muscle fiber organization. The machine can cut the frozen meat directly to keep the nutrition and meat freshness.
◇High working efficiency, practical, energy-saving, low fault rate.
◇Nice appearance, adjustable size to meet different needs.frozen meat cutter machine detail features

Frozen Meat Cutting Machine Application

Frozen meat cutting machine is widely used in the canteen, hotel, meat processing factory, vegetable processing factory, condiment factory, vegetable wholesale marketplace, and also for the individual businessman.automatic frozen meat cutting machine application

Frozen Meat Cutting Machine Technology Parameters

Model ALMD-350 ALMD-550
Power 1.5kw 2.25kw
Weight 70kg 90kg
Cutting slot size 84*84*350mm 120*120*550mm
Dimension 1480*800*980mm 1950*980*1100mm
Capacity 500-600 kg/h 700-900 kg/h

Working Video of Frozen Meat Cutting Machine for Diced Frozen Beef