Fresh Meat Grinding Machine Brief Introduction

This machine can process fresh meat into unequal specifications of meat grains according to different technological requirements. The processed meat can be fully mixed with other materials for processing of different meat products. It is a newly designed and developed machine in cutting meat fields which enjoys wide popularity in the hotel, butcher shop, dining room, large, medium and small size meat processing factory.

stainless steel fresh meat grinding machine

Fresh Meat Grinding Machine Technology Parameters

Model ALMG-42
Power 3Kw/380V
Dimension 800*560*795mm
Capacity 400Kg
Weight 90Kg

Fresh Meat Grinding Machine Features

☆Reasonable design, easy to operate and clean.
☆Stainless steel construction, without contamination, meeting food hygienic standard.
☆Developed by absorbing international advanced technology.
☆Whole sealing, compact structure, stable transmission, high working efficiency
☆Small volume, easy to transport.
fresh meat mincing machine details feature

Fresh Meat Grinding Machine Operation Method

▷Put the machine to a clean space
▷Place the container under the outlet
▷Switch on the power.
▷Turn on the switch.
▷Put the frozen meat in feed inlet.
▷Turn off the switch.
▷Shut off the power.

Meat Grinding Machine Notes

1. Please read instructions before using.
2. Please clean the machine regularly.
3. Do not put your hands in the machine when the machine is operating.
4. Please shut off the power when you do not use the machine.