Automatic Electric Meat Mixing Machine Introduction

Meat mixing machine is used to mix the stuffings automatically and averagely. It can mix various different specifications of granular raw materials and other auxiliary materials regularly according to the technological requirements in order to meet the needs of different meat products. It a necessary mixing equipment in the meat processing industry. It has high efficiency and is easy to operate.electric meat stuff mixing machine

Automatic Electric Meat Mixing Machine Advantages 

▷High efficiency, high-speed mixing.
▷Simple and convenient to operate.
▷Automatic discharge and controlled mixing time, saving labor.
▷Unique rotary tooth forms, the mixed material more uniform.
▷Detachable stirring blade, easy to clean.
▷Made of stainless steel, good wearability, and corrosion stability.

Automatic Meat Mixing Machine Applications

Meat mixing machine is widely used to mix the stuffing for dumplings factory, sausage factory, steamed stuffed bun shop, hotel, and other food processing plants. It is also available for the pharmaceutical, chemical raw materials, plant and other units to mix materials.stuffing meat mixer machine application

Electric Meat Mixing Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALMM-50 ALMM-60 ALMM-100
Volume 50L 60L 100L
Mixing Speed 40r/min 78r/min 75r/min
Power 0.75kw/380V 1.5kw/220V 1.1kw/380V
Capacity 300kg/h 60L/time 500kg/h
Dimension 960*790*830mm 775*550*910mm 1050*870*970mm

Working Video of Meat Mixing Machine