Bone Sawing Machine Introduction

Bone sawing machine is an ideal meat and bone processing equipment which adopts newly advanced technology to saw the bones with high efficiency, low energy consumption. It’s safe and convenient to operate, and beautiful appearance. It can cut the meat bone to make it easy for other food processing, such as sausage making, meatball making, dumpling making etc. This machine suits large-scale restaurant, supermarket and butcher shop and so on.Meat Bone Band Saw Cutting Machine

Features of Bone Sawing Machine

◇Adopt the food grade aluminum-magnesium alloy cast of stainless steel and high hardness alloy knife, anticorrosion and waterproof.
◇The machine has a compact structure, stable operation, large output, simple to operate, convenient to clean and maintain.
◇The parts contact with food is through special surface anodizing treatment, accord with national food hygiene standards.
◇With high processing ability, and ultra big worktable can content bigger object request.
◇High speed saw cutting is more flat, reduces the meat scraps.
◇Stepless speed regulating device, prevent the excess of a saw blade, with worm and gear structure to regulate saw cutting size, so it has simple operation and steady size.

Application of Bone Sawing Machine

The sawing machine can grind different kind of animal meat and bones, such as pork, cow, chicken, fishbone etc. It is widely used in hotel, food processing plants, slaughterhouses, and meat processing plant for producing sausage, ham, meatball, frozen food, salt essence, bone powder, powder soup, instant noodles, puffed snack, compound seasoning, pet food, high calcium food, pasta etc.

meat bone saw machine application

Bone Sawing Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALJG-210 ALJG-300
Voltage 220v 380v
Power 0.75kw 1.5kw
Belt wheel diameter 210mm 300mm
Belt movement speed 15m/s 15m/s
Workbench dimensions 600*437mm 712*662mm
Weight 45kg /
Overall dimensions 660*530*970mm 780*710*1960mm