Introduction of Brine Injection Machine

Known as saline injection machine, brine injector can inject brine and salt auxiliary materials into meat blocks evenly and continually to reach the optimal effects, which can shorten the picking time and greatly raise the flavor and the producing rate of the meat products. With precise design, reasonable structure, easy operation, convenient rinse, and demountable driving chains, the machine is ideal equipment for the meat products processing.brine injection machine

Saline Injector Machine Features

1. Full stainless steel material, hygiene and health.
2. Fast injecting speed. The whole process of meat conveying and saline injection is completed automatically.
3. Can choose frequency control of motor speed. The speed and frequency can be adjusted according to different meat processing technology.
4. It features automatic protection device, the needle will be lifted when it encounters a hard object, not damaged.
5. Equipped with an automatic protection device for protecting the injection needle from being damaged by a hard object.
6. Removable injection heads/needles.

meat brine injecting machine application

Application of Brine Injector Machine

This brine injecting machine is used for injecting the salt brine/salt water, the condiment and flavor water into the meat. In addition to using in meat processing, brine injection machine can also be used for fish, sea cucumber, birds and other products injection process by changing the needle.

Saline Injection Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALC6-ZSJ-48 ALC6-ZSJ-60 ALC6-ZSJ-80
Capacity 200~300 kg 300~500 kg 500~700 kg
Power 4.1kw 4.1kw 5.1kw
Injection rate 40~80% 40~80% 40~80%
Needle specification Dia 2mm,3mm,4mm Dia 2mm,3mm,4mm Dia 2mm,3mm,4mm
Injection pressure 0.45-0.9 Mpa 0.45-0.9 Mpa 0.45-0.9 Mpa
Injection time 15~40 times/min 15~40 times/min 15~50 times/min
Walking speed 40~70m/min 40~70m/min 40~70m/min
Dimension 1350*750*1650mm 1550*880*1650mm 1550*1060*1720mm
Weight 250kg 320kg 320kg

Meat Brine Injector Machine Working Video for Poultry Meat