Poultry Feather Removing Machine Introduction

Poultry feather removing machine is used for removing the feather of the slaughtered poultry automatically, such as chicken, duck, goose, etc. Chicken feather can be finished in one time. It is suitable for poultry processing workshop, restaurant, dining room in slaughter parts.

commercial automatic chicken plucker machine

Poultry Feather Removing Machine Features

▷Simple in structure, solid, durable, easy to operate.
▷High production efficiency, squeaky-clean birds with no pinfeathers.
▷Food grade stainless steel, hygienic.
▷Adjustable temperature, the entire processing is carried out in a scientific and hygienic manner.
▷No-conveyor based poultry unhairing equipment.

poultry automatic plucker machines and plucking fingers show

Poultry Feather Plucking Machine Using Method

☞Put the slaughtered poultry into the hot water of 65-80 degree to scald uniformly.
☞Then turn on the machine, put the scalded poultry into the machine.
☞After 10 seconds working, turn on the tap, and wash away the removed feather or ginger skin.
☞At last, stop the machine, and take out the poultry.
☞In the normal time, for removing the chicken feather is only need 30 seconds.

chicken feather removing machine details info

Attention on Operation of Poultry Feather Plucking Machine

1. Equip a leakage switch on the ground line.
2. Turn on the switch, and check if the machine running normally before using.
3. Wash the tube completely after using.
4. After a long time using, please change the robber stick when they are wearing or broken. So as to ensure the working efficiency.
5. After a period of using, if the rolling disc becomes slower, please adjust the nut on the machine base, note that it can’t be too tight.
6. You cannot use the sparge pipe to clean up it directly.

Poultry Feather Remove Machine Parameters

Model ALCP-50 ALCP-55 ALCP-60
Capacity 4pcs/2min 5pcs/2min 6pcs/2min
Weight 45kg 50kg 55kg
Motor speed 1400rpm 1400rpm 1400rpm
Power 1100W/220V 1500W/220V 1500W/220V
Dimension 56*60*90cm 61*65*95cm 66*70*95cm

Working Video of Automatic Poultry Plucker