Automatic Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Introduction

Automatic chicken feet peeling machine is used to peel the yellow skin on the chicken feet and nails automatically. It is a kind of advanced peeling machine for chicken feet. It’s an necessary equipment for process chicken paw.chicken paw peeling machine

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Features

1. Made of stainless steel, durable and sanitary.
2. Easy to operate, low consumption.
3. High output, peeling rate can reach 98%.
4. Stable working, no damage to the chicken feet.

high peeling efficiency of chicken feet skin removing machine

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Working Principle

✪Put the chicken feet into hot water (65degree) about 3-5minutes.
✪Then, put them into this machine.
✪Turn on the machine. The speed reducer drives the rotating disc to make chicken claw do spiral motion in the cylinder to complete peeling work.
✪Equipped with the tap for washing out the peeled skin and nail.

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Application

This series chicken feet peeling machines fit for food processing plant or factory, hotel and restaurant, school dining room, and so on.

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Parameters

Model ALFP-505 ALFP-700
Power 1.1kw/220V 2.2kw/380V
Weight 55kg 90kg
Capacity 15-20kg/time (5 minutes) 30-35kg/time (5 minutes)
Dimension 650*600*800mm 850*800*1000mm

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Working Video