Fish Skinning Machine Instruction

The fish skinning machine is designed to scrape the fish skin from fish fillets. It is widely suitable for various fish, such as cod, sleeve-fish, catfish, carp, grouper, pike, salmon, and tilapia etc.

Automatic Fish Skin Removing Machine

Fish Skinning Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALFP-98
Capacity 30-50pcs/min
Voltage 220v/380v
Power 750w
Weight 98kg
Dimension 620*570*900mm

Fish Skinning Machine Features and Benefits

◆Made of stainless steel. Smooth surface for easy and fast cleaning and the best possible hygiene.
◆Adopt modular design, convenient to dismantle and clean.
◆Easy and safe to operate, the workers can learn to use quickly.
◆The machine is with a quality blade holder, which can ensure the skinning rate reaches 99%.
◆High skinning efficiency, excellent peeling effect,
◆Equip with water cleaning unit for steady continuous operation when processing fresh fillets.

Fish Skinning Machine Application

The fish skinning machine can skin various fish, such as cod, sleeve-fish, catfish, carp, grouper, pike, salmon, tilapia and snapper etc. The skinned fish fillets and fish skin all can be used to make delicious food. The skinning machines are ideal for fish markets, supermarkets, and fish processing factories.

fish skinning machine application

Fish Skinning Machine Working Principle

The fish feeding is operated by manual. Place the fillets with skin side down on the fish skinning machine. For the machine equipped with water spraying device, the fish fillets can reach the blade holder smoothly. Then the fish skin is scraped off the fillets. The skinning machine scrapes the skin without causing any strain on the fish meat or the skin. Because little water is used in the skinning process, the fillets will generally have a higher quality as bacteria growth is reduced.

Fish Skinning Machine Working Video