Pork Skin Peeling Machine Introduction

Fresh pork skinning machine is a special equipment used to remove the peel of pig meat and deoil the pigskin, which provides efficient machining method for food processing. This peeling equipment has the superior processing environment, is designed the outside profile size and power according to the dominant ideology of ergonomics to make you comfortable to remove pigskin. This machine is widely used in meat processing enterprise, supermarket, hotel, etc.automatic stainless steel pork skin peeling machine

Features About Pork Skin Peeling Machine

1. The pork skin removing machine is made of stainless steel, comply with the food sanitation standards.
2. Adjustable knives seats, convenient adjustment to the thickness of the skin.
3. With the German blade, the thickness of the skin can be adjusted at will.
4. The machine equipped with a mobile wheel, convenient to move.
5. Precision machine structure, smooth operation, low noise quiet.
6. Pedal operation, more security.

Application Of Pork Skin Peeling Machine

Pork meat shin removing machine is widely used in small and medium-sized food processing factory, slaughterhouses, meat processing factory, supermarket and other places.

wide application of pork skin removal machine

Technical Parameters of Pork Skin Peeling Machine

Model ALC6-435 ALC6-300
Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Power 0.75 kW 0.55 kW
Knife length 435 mm 300 mm
Skin size 0.5~6 mm 0.5~6 mm
Capacity 18 m/min 18 m/min
Weight 105 kg 76 kg

Video Show of Pork Skin Removal Machine