Manual Sausage Filling Machine Introduction

Manual sausage filling machine is used to fill sausage by manual operation. It adopts new machinery gear system that users can remove the piston and refill the sausage stuffings quickly and easily. It is a good helper and the right-hand man for family, hotel, and restaurants to make sausages. There are some different sizes for you.manual sausage stuffer

Manual Sausage Filling Machine Features

☆Made of high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean and meets hygiene standards.
☆Simple structure, easy to operate and clean.
☆Variable speed device, convenient to adjust the double speed: upper and lower levels.
☆4 sizes of the stuffer tubes are available: 35mm, 30mm, 20mm, 15mm.
☆Small volume, nice appearance.

Manual Sausage Filling Machine Applications

It’s widely used to DIY sausages at home or other sausage processing places like a lunchroom, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, and schools.

Stainless steel manual sausage machine for making sausage at home

Manual Sausage Filling Machine Parameters

Model Capacity Dimension 9mm) Gross weight Type
ALSM-3L 3L 300*300*550 13kg Vertical type
ALSM-5L 5L 300*300*660 15kg Vertical type
ALSM-7L 7L 300*300*660 16kg Vertical type
ALSM-16L 16L 740*335*310 21kg  Horizontal type