Fruit and Vegetable Washer Machine Introduction

The fruit and vegetable washer machine is mainly designed to wash root vegetables, also to wash some fruits. The machine adopts crafty design and advanced technology to rinse root vegetables. It mainly consists of motor, speed changer and 8-15 brush rollers. Easy to operate and high efficiency. The vegetable brush washer also has the peeling function. fruit and vegetable washer machine

Vegetable and Fruit Peeling Machine Application

Vegetable and fruit washing machine is suitable for washing root vegetables and fruits, including gingers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, various radishes, taros, apples, and kiwi fruits etc.
★ The vegetable washing machine is widely used in restaurants, school dining rooms, hospital mess halls, factory dining halls, and various vegetable or fruit processing plants (vegetable washing and packing plants, starch plants, vegetable dewatering factories etc). Independent work and matched with other machines are both available.

Brush Type Vegetable Washing Machine Features

◆ Made of high-quality stainless steel; elegant appearance and long service life.
◆ Large washing volume, high washing efficiency, and low power consumption.
◆ The brush roll material is processed by a particular technology, durable and no damage to the vegetables and fruits.
◆ Easy to operate and can work continuously.
◆ The vegetable and fruit washing machine also has the peeling function.vegetable and fruit peeling machine

Vegetable Brush Washer Machine Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
MQT800 800 kg/h 1.1 kW/380V 220 kg 1440*780*650 mm
MQT1200 1000 kg/h 2.2 kW/380V 300 kg 2120*910*900 mm
MQT1500 1500 kg/h 3 kW/380V 380 kg 2400*910*900 mm
MQT2000 2000 kg/h 4 kW/380V 460 kg 2900*910*900 mm
MQT4000 4000 kg/h 5 kW/380V 600 kg 3050*910*1160 mm
MQT5000 5000 kg/h 5.5 kW/380V 700 kg 3050*1285*1150 mm

Fruit &Vegetable Washer Machine Working Video