Mushroom Slicer Machine Introduction

Mushroom slicer machine works in manual cutting principle and widely applies to slice vegetables like those soft vegetables, edible fungi, and fresh kelp. The finished products of the mushroom cutter machine can be slices or strips which have a uniform shape, smooth surface and high integrity.mushroom slicer machine

How to Slice Mushroom by Mushroom Cutter Machine?

This mushroom machine is composed of machine rack, knives, switch frame, roller, rubber roller, driven wheels and conveying system. When the conveyor runs, vegetables are moving forward, the cutting knives cut vegetables to slices or strips.mushroom cutter machine

Electric Mushroom Slicer Machine Features

▷ Stainless steel and Non-toxic rubber belt material, hygiene and durable.
▷ Wide application to cut soft vegetables, edible fungi, and fresh kelp, etc.
▷ Advanced design, easy operation, energy saving.
▷ Delicate and reasonable design, good performance.

Mushroom Slice Size Sliced by Our Mushroom Machine

The general cutting size of this mushroom processing machine is 6mm, but other sizes are available and we can offer the exact machine based on customers’ requirements.electric mushroom slicer applications

Mushroom Cutter Machine Parameters

Model ALMC-500
Capacity 500 kg/h±20%
Cutting size 6mm (can make as customer’s requirement)
Power 0.75 kW-6 1000 r/min
Weight 165 kg
Dimension 1800*700*960 mm

Working Video of Mushroom Slicer Machine