Garlic Frying Machine Introduction

Semi-automatic garlic frying machine is used for frying garlic and ginger slices. The garlic fries machine is also widely used for processing broad beans, green beans, soybeans, peanuts, pine nuts, and other nuts as well as puffed food, flour product, meat, aquatic products, etc. All kinds of fried food can get a stable and uniform result. The oil volume could also be well controlled.garlic frying machine

Semi-automatic Garlic Chips Frying Machine Characters

1. Adopting PLC control system, the temperature, frying time, and degreasing time are all controlled by PLC.
2. Pneumatic discharge device, automatic discharge, speed adjustable.
3. Electric heat pipe made of stainless and seamless steel pipe customization, strong resistance to burn.
4. Adopting automatic mixing device, reducing the cost of labor; floating products can supply a universal mixing system, making the product quality more uniform.
5. High and low-temperature oil structure, avoid residue being coking and prolong the service life of frying oil.
6. Two heating types: electric heating type and coal heating type.garlic chips frying machine

How To Maintain the Garlic Chips Machine

▷ The garlic chips making machine should be cleaned and inspected regularly.
▷ The oil needs to be filtered and changed regularly.

Garlic Frying Machine Technical Parameters

Model YDD-BZ1000 YDD-BZ1300 YDD-BZ1300
Dimension(mm) 1670*1500*1380 1775*1756*1370 1890*1870*1520
Inner size(mm) 900*480 1300*500 1300*300
Oil capacity(L) 300 750 450
Voltage(V) 380 380 380
Frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
Power(kW) 50 85 coal-fired, saving 50%
Temperature range(°C) <400°C <400°C <400°C

Garlic Chips Frying Machine Working Video